Essie #32 Exotic Liras: Swatches & Review

I’m changing my colors in clothes, makeup and nails to summer one. The good bright summer shade for nails will be Essie #32 Exotic Liras.

Availability: ask at nail corners in big beauty stores e.g. Douglas or nails salons.
Price: ~8$ for 13.5 ml.
Limited Edition? No.

Final Thoughts: Essie was recently launched in beauty-stores in Russia (previously it was salon-only brand). Not only the brand became more available, but they actually recreated their color line for home usage. So now they claim to have new formula (more nail care and lasting color) and new wider brush. The brand is still producing the old line for salons.

I haven’t noticed any particular changes in formula, perhaps the polish dries a bit faster. But I’ve liked the new brush a lot. It became wider and now is a perfect match for my nails (form), so I’m the lucky one.

Please, read my review in Russian for maximum details on the product. Color details are given below.


Essie #32 Exotic Liras — bright raspberry-pink cream, no shimmer, tends to be a bit of fuchsia on the sunlight.

Daylight w|o direct sunrays.


I though I have few similar colors. They did look alike when you don’t have direct light, but in the sun you clearly see the difference. Inglot #867 is more fuchsia than Essie, as well as Estee Lauder #17. Inglot #945 is berry-pink, actually berry red with a bit of pink and a lot darker than Exotic Liras.


*Item reviewed in this post was sent for consideration by my PR-contact in Essie.

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