byTerry Terrybly Growth Booster Mascara: Review

Today I’m happy to share with you a mascara that is not just regular mascara, but a kind of serum, that really helps to grow your lashes — byTerry Terrybly Growth Booster Mascara.

Availability: online at with delivery within Europe + offline locations can be found there. In US can be found at Barneys.
Price: 34 Euro for 8 ml (France).
Limited Edition? No.

Final Thoughts: This is a very good product that works as a regular mascara — adds volume, gives some curling effect and beautiful glossy (vinyl) finish. But the most stunning thing is that it helps to grow your eyelashes! Really. You will not notice this effect at once, but after 1 — 1.5 months you’ll see the changes (at least I did). And after two month I was sure I see the second row of lashes and older ones become stronger and longer. I think it will take more time for the second row to grow to the same length as older one. For nor they cause a little mess, wich is cleaned but small brush after I’ve applied my mascara, but this improves with time.

Please, read my review in Russian for maximum details on the product.

You may notice the second row of new lashes. It’s shorter now, but it’s still growing.


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