Sephora Prisma Chrome Eye Shadow Moon Glow #35: Swatches & Review

Now it’s popular to add some dimension to makeup product. Such ideas do really look nice so I’ve decided to try, but from lower-budget items first. Sephora has released beautiful eyeshadows recently — Sephora Prisma Chrome Eye Shadow, I will tell you about one of the shades I’ve purchased.

Availability: at only.
Price: 15$ for 3.5 gr.
Limited Edition? yes *my color is already absent online, though you still can find mahy others and three new colors were added just recently

Final Thoughts: Though it was promised that new eyeshadows are mix of the best from cream, backed and powder shadows, I think they are still more of powder ones. I’ve expected that texture will be like one of Cle de Peau Eye Color Quad or Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eyecolor Trio, but it is not that gorgeous silky staff, more dry instead. Still nicely pigmented, fair color pay off, easy to apply, with very delicate metallic shimmer and quite lasting.

You may remember Estee Lauder Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadow, which are very alike in looks, but I must say they are not as pigmented and easy to work with, as Prisma Chrome. M.A.C. is realeasing similar product range (which I’ll show later) and I’ve seen some other brands doing it, so the idea to improve both looks and formula is developing this year.

Please, read my review in Russian for maximum details on the product. Color details given below.

Moon Glow #35 — is a dark grey with delicate metallic finish. You can see that it’s darked than grey color in Cle de Peau Eye Color Quad #203 and looks better pigmented. Though I would say that quad shadows are better and smoother in application, Sephora is still a very good choice considering the price.

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