News: IbizaIbiza — Young. Vibrant. Party. New Makeup Brand Coming Soon…

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There’s a new makeup brand coming soon in Europe — called IbizaIbiza.

IbizaIbiza — so it is a makeup brand to be sold online across the Europe starting from April 2012. The idea of the brand appeared in 2005 when two Italian make up artists spent some time on Ibiza island. This brand should provide make up which concept is — young, vibrant, party. Colors that are inspired by sun, fun, party, Ibiza and no worries mood. Reasonably priced to buy new makeup for your vacation. IbizaIbiza was already presented at Cosmoprof Bologna 2012, and should be available to buyers very soon.

The brand starts from the standard range of lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, eyeshadows, foundations and nail enamels. The price tag estimated between 8.9 and 14.9 Euro.

I’m curios how this brand will take its place between the others well-known makeup brands. We’ll see and I hope to give you some more real-life reviews on the products. So far there’s a Facebook page of IbizaIbiza. And you can find some press pics and life photos below.

*Pictures provided by PR-contact in IbizaIbiza.

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