Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Bucolique #1 Bucolic Blossoms (Spring 2012): Swatches & Review

The other interesting product from Givenchy spring makeup collection is Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Bucolique #1 Bucolic Blossoms. Actually it draw my attention more than the blush I shown this morning. I’ve even asked a lady at brands counter to put me in waiting list and to call when this powder arrive (which I don’t usually do).

Availability: at Givenchy counters since February.
Price: 56$ for 11 gr.
Limited Edition? Yes.

Final Thoughts: an interesting face product — perfecting pressed powder mix of different colors that gives you creamy and pearly white when mixed all together. Although I do use the word «pearly» the finish on my face is not really shiny — it’s both satin and matte and perfecting — like photoshop. This product can be used both as a highlighter and all-over-face powder (take less product and use a brush for loose powder).

You may consider this as a kind of Guerlain Meteorities staff — in perfecting sense, but overall effect is a bit different. This product is definitely whitening, so it will look good on light and pale skin tones, preferably cool or neutral. No suntan, please. The packaging and print are both nice, but the print is not that impressing as in the blushes from the same collection.

Please, read my review in Russian for maximum details on the product. You’re most welcome to enjoy the pictures below.

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