byTerry Gloss Delectation #6 Cherry Cherry: Swatches & Review

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I thought it will be nice to add some non-red lips to my blog. And though in life I would rather stay with red, i’ve tried byTerry Gloss Delectation in #6 Cherry Cherry which is not typical for me, still this small experiment was rather successful.

byTerry Gloss Delectation — promises volume, shine, hydration and protection (contains some useful ingredients like antioxidants etc.). I found that generally it is a very good gloss with some drawbacks that are minor for me:

+ good coverage and color pay off;
+ applies smoothly, convenient sponge;
+ lasts for 6+ hours assuming you don’t eat much, fades away quite unnoticeable;
+ beautiful lacquer finish and delicate shimmer;
+ does’t dry your lips and tends to protect in winter (it’s -25C here and my lips are in good state);
if your lips are already dry gloss will tend to gather around drier parts;
don’t apply to much product, it will gather in lip lines;

#6 Cherry Cherry — is a bright pink in between of barbie-pink and fuchsia with lacquer finish and delicate golden shimmer. I’ve posted few byTerry lipsticks some time ago. you may find that the shade of the gloss is in between #304 Cherry Cherry (surprisingly it is not the same as this lip gloss) and #303 Torrid Rose. I see that on my lips the gloss shade is closer to the latest lipstick shade, but with different finish of course.

You can notice that lip gloss color on my lips doesn’t match the color on the swatch and inside the packaging. It is really so, no color processing. A bit confusing.

Availability: online at with delivery within Europe + offline locations can be found there. In US can be found at Barneys.
Price: 35 Euro (France) for 7 ml.
Limited Edition? No.

Final Thoughts: I liked this gloss as its quality is high and it gives your lips fuller look, it has beautiful laquer finish with delicate shimmer. I didn’t like that it falls into the lip lines in case you wear too much product and it is very visible on dry parts of peeling lips. The color on the lips doesn’t match exactly the color in the packaging and on my arm, but still is very positive.

*This review contains samples provided for consideration by beauty-store «Jean» (Ukraine).

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  1. This color looks so pretty in tube and comes up. Gorgeous. On you, is there any dupe of it in lancome or mac, wont get this brand in india

  2. Thnx, u know u look very sporty even with makeup on, its a good thing 🙂 need to learn

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