Benefit Boxed Powder «Hervana»: Swatches & Review

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I’d like to say few words about one of my recent purchases — Benefit Boxed Powder «Hervana» — though it would be hard to keep my promise about «few».

Boxed Powder — these products are usually referred as «face powder», but they are rather blushes, bronzers and highlighters or complexion enhancers rather than all-over-face powder. I’ve used to have several of older launches and I still have some, so I think I can compare the latest and have some expectations:

+ high quality of the product: finely milled, very log lasting (up to 12-14 hours);
+ easy to apply and to blend;
+ beautiful color that can be used by many, but not that dull or too neutral;
+ convenient box with a mirror and a brush. This brush I do use very often and don’t bother to take separate brush if I travel or visit a gym;
+ light pleasant scent;
~ as the box isn’t plastic it may loose its looks faster, thought it is still very strong and no damage noticed as for now;

Hervana — is mix of four color: very light beige + apricot + peached pink + bright berry. All they are mixed into warm pink with peach undertones. Though the color is warm, I think it will suite to many women, even with cooler complexion. It is very refreshing, delicate, but not boring color. The finish is satin — no shimmer, no chalk.

The idea to mix colors is great, though definitely not new. Had this product been release in one solid color, it would for sure got less attention and wows.

I’ve added a bit more color than I usually do just to give the idea.

Availability: Sephora chain and at
Price: 28$ per 0.28 oz.
Limited Edition? No.

Final Thoughts: this is a very good cheek product — gentle, easily applied and very blendable, with good color pay off. The box may be not that posh as luxury brands usually have, still it is convenient, there’s a mirror and really usable brush inside. The mix of four colors come in warm pink with peach undertones and soft satin finish. I wouldn’t say they will suit 100% of women, but they will do for many, not only warm complexions — just be light handed 😉

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