Rouge Bunny Rouge Deliquesce Make-Up Melt Cleanser

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The product I’m reviewing today took my attendtion with its uncommon texture for this kind of products. This isRouge Bunny Rouge Deliquesce Make-Up Melt Cleanser and it’s actually a melting balm.

Deliquesce Make-Up Melt Cleanser is a melting balm that will help to remove your makeup and prepare skin for further care in one step. Contains blend of oils that help to deal with makeup and promise nice aroma. Should be removed with warm water and tissue (included). For better skincare results can be left on your skin for few minutes. Doesn’t remove waterproof makeup from eyes.

+ work very well with dense makeup including professional products;
+ leaves your skin soft and clean;
+ you shouldn’t wash you face after removing the balm (though I prefer a light wash just in case);
+ can be removed with the help of tissue (included) as well as with just warm water. The first way is faster, but I don’t like to wash the tissue afterwards on daly basis (yes, I’m lazy);
the texture is too rich for me to use this product daily, with dry skin could deal better on daily basis;
thought it’s stated that it doesn’t remove waterproof makeup from eyes I was naturally expecting such feature in this sort of product, because other cleansing oils do this pretty well;
the smell isn’t that from aromatherapy, it’s not bad, but I can’t say it is natural or very pleasant, but ather very specific;


Availability: Douglas (Poland), Ile de Beaute (Russia), online at (international delivery available)
Price: 46 GBP for 50 ml

Final Thoughts: Good product for removing intense makeup including professional products, but excluding waterpoof products for eyes. The texture is very rich and oily, so I don’t use it to remove my daily makeup because it’s usually very light. But in cases of more dense makeup this product works very well. Could be not that expensive though, I don’t really see how it differs from regular makeup removing oils except of texture.

*Item reviewed in this post was sent for consideration by my PR-contact in Rouge Bunny Rouge.

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