ELLIS FAAS Blush #S301: Swatches & Review

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I continue reviewing products by ELLIS FAAS — they are very popular now, especially when they had a launch in Moscow recently. So today we’ll have an ELLIS FAAS Blush.

ELLIS FAAS Blush — is a good creamy blush with delicate micro shimmer that will make your face glow. This blush is easy to apply and to blend, it lasts on my about 6-7 — not the best result, but quite good. It doesn’t underline your pores or any imperfections, give a really natural look. So may be it is not for bight color lovers. I usually apply it with my fingertips and blend with brush for cream blushes from Sephora Platinum brush collection.

The real problem is it’s packaging. I’ve spent ages twisting this pencil to get some product outside. And after you see the product coming you just can’t stop it. During first 3-4 applications the waste of product was great. And only after 6-7 usages of the blush it started to come out more or less normally.

The advice on the web — twist the blush 5-7 times and then wait for 30 secs and the product will go. For me it wasn’t working this way. Once I’ve waited for almost 5 minutes and saw nothing. Then I started to twist more and got the blush almost in my face. I don’t know if this was a problem with my particular blush or its entire mechanism fault. I don’t want to apply any special trickts for the product that costs 28 Euro for 2.5 ml.

Perhaps you remember my review of Creamy Lips lipstick. I haven’t experienced any problems with it.

#S301 — flesh-toned warm shade with micro shimmer that gives glow to your face, but you don’t see any shimmering parts after you applied it. This shade has some orange undertones and thus will not look good on pale and cool skin tones. But for warm and neutrals it is very suitable. The pigmentation of this shade is good, although this is not a full coverage blush — your skin will glow from beneath.

There’s a problem that shades on official web side doesn’t look exactly the same as in real life. Even the shade marker at the bottom of the blush pencil doesn’t look the same as the blush in side. The marker is pale pink while the blush is not that pink at all.

This blush looks very natural. You almost don’t see the shade, but there’s a delicate freshness in plca where you usually put a blush. Of course, there’s a color, but once again — it’s very subtile.

Availability: Sephora.us or check ELLISFAAS.com
Price: 28 Eur for 2.5 ml.
Limited Edition? No.

Final Thoughts: the quality of this blush is very good — wearable, blendable creamy product with micro shimmer that gives your face a healthy glow. It could last a bit more on my cheeks. But the biggest drawback is currently the packaging. You should read the full post why I was so upset with it. #S301 shade will be good for neutrals and warm skin tones.

*Item reviewed in this post was sent for consideration by ELLIS FAAS reseller.

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