Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil #GY901 Natural Black: Swatches & Review

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I don’t write much about eyebrows and I think it’t time to say few words. I really think that eyebrows are very important part of the face and if I’d had just two minutes for my makeup I’d rather spend them on my eyebrows. That’s what will really open your face features. I don’t use a variety of makeup products for this. I used to go with eyeshadows and brow wax, but later switched to eyebrow pencils and holding gel. One of favorite products is Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil.

Natural Eyebrow Pencil is an excellent eyebrow pencil — easy in use, has a brush to blend the color, long lasting (all the day long, really), though you don’t need special makeup removers for it — just your regular one for eye products. The color selection is not wide, but sufficient and very natural. While those colors remains natural they are distinctive and will outline you brows perfectly.

Just in the very beginning of using this pencil I felt like it was too hard and put it away for a while. Later I came back and found it softer after approximately a week of use. Though I wish it to be just a bit softer for my comfort.

#GY901 Natural Black is a cool light grey shade. Will be perfect both for women with very dar hair type and for those with ash-toned light hair colors. The color looks too light for dark tones, but it brings out the dark pigment of your eyebrows magnificently.

I think the product that you really like and use should look somehow this way. I mean — the way that you see you really use it and buy again. Like I did with this pencil. I won’t give a picture with makeup, because all makeups you’ve seen in recent posts are made using this particular product. If you are new to this blog, please find pictures following the links (link 1, link 2, link 3.)

Availability: enquire at you local beauty store.
Price: 20$ for 1.1 gr (US).

Final Thoughts: An excellent eyebrow pencil — convenient, long lasting, natural colors. Love it!

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