Angel Schlesser Esprit de Gingembre EDT Femme

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Now I own lots of parfumes, well lots of im comparison with 5 years ago when I was wearing Lancome Hypnose. But I don’t write parfume reviews as often as I could because I feel I’m not that smart to decompose a scent to its base notes. I have just overall impression and emotions. Still from time to time I’m sharing my favorite (or sometimes worst scents). This time it will be fresh and spicy EDT Angel Schlesser Esprit de Gingembre.

Angel Schlesser Esprit de Gingembre — was launched in 2007, the parfumer is Nathalie Lorson and the description is from woody spices to floral musk. Official notes are are pink grapefruit, bergamot and tangerine at the top; middle notes are white pepper, ginger flower and lotus; base notes are oakmoss, cedar and white musk.

My impressions are not that floral or musk at all. The first I got is a very spicy and butter scent, pepper, bit of ginger and some bitter grass. I like this because I generally like such smells and especially scent of pepper. But in 10-15 minutes it turned out to loose its spiciness. It was still bitter… but you know, like Schweppes, like gin-tonic drink with a squizze of lemon. Not that bad too. But again very soon the scent became aquatic with few drops of lemon, leaving all ginger, spices and occasional blows of lotus behind. And so it remains and till it disappears immediately (in about 4 hours.)

Simple, refreshing, very «summer» scent. Not long lasting as it is EDT, not EDP. But it comes in large volumes, so you should prepare your atomizers to take some scent to take with you.

Availability: ask at your local beauty store.
Price: ~90$ for 150 ml.

*Item reviewed in this post was sent for consideration by my PR-contact in Angel Schlesser.

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