La Prairie Anti-Aging Foundation SPF15 #100: Swatches & Review

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My friends have noticed that I’ve started to wear more foundation. this is not because my skin went in the wrong direction, but because I’ve found some really really good foundations. Today I’m reviewing one of them — La Prairie Anti-Aging Foundation SPF15.

Prairie Anti-Aging Foundation SPF15 is a foundation for even-toned and luminous complexion with full coverage and skin care benefits: firming, hydration, nourishing.

My impressions about this foundation are the following:

+ looks very natural, nice matt finish that doesn’t look like a mask;
+ doesn’t gather in fine lines, pores etc.
+ doesn’t dry your skin;
+ lasting — at least 10 hours without any primers on my face;
? application is nice and convenient with a brush or sponge, but not so good it you use your fingers.
? medium coverage. I’ve actually liked it. I’d like to have even more sheer, like what you get using Beauty Blender. But official description states «full coverage,» which is not really true, because this foundation won’t cover serious imperfections.
all skin peelings are visible. they will not look worse, but if you have serious peeling this foundation won’t hide it.

#100 — is a pale shade with slightly pink undertones. Not piggy-pinks, but very refreshing and complexion improving. I think this shade will be good for cooler skin tones — neutrals, slightly pinks/yellows. If you have visible redness or very recognizable pink undertones you may want to skip it (but may be not — you should check yourself). I’m so happy I finnaly got a shade without yellow undertones, you can’t even imagine.

Foe the next two shots I haven’t used any makeup primers, concealers, correctors or powders. Just a foundation on moisturized face.

This is how the foundation looks in makeup. On my face I’ve used UNE Healthy Glow Mineral Powder #H03 as a very light blush and Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil «Original» as translucent setting powder. I’ve also used Anti-Aging foundation as under eye concealer.

Availability: at La Prairie counters.
Price: 100$ for 30 ml.

Final Thoughts: Two reasons I’ve like this foundation so much — it’s very wearable (good application, coverage, lasting) and my particular shade was a perfect match for me. The finish is just a bit more matt than I’d prefer to. Actually I’d like to see more light reflection. But this really depends on your tasts. Not as good in finish as byTerry Lumiere Veloutee, but definitely worth a try.

*Item reviewed in this post was sent for consideration by my PR-contact in La Prairie.

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