Dior Addict Lip Polish Smoothing Lacquer #002 Fresh Expert: Swatches & Review

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I don’t usually wear pale lip glosses because they often tend to gather in lip lines. Sometimes you see it on zoomed photos only, but I rather see this effect in the mirror and don’t really like it. But I have one gloss that doesn’t make such troubles — Dior Addict Lip Polish Smoothing Lacquer.

Lip Polish Smoothing Lacquer — is a smoothing lip gloss with lacquer finish that should make you lips look shiny, reflecting and as those of supermodel on the runway.

+ the gloss itself applies perfectly smooth, doesn’t gather in he lip lines or doesn’t mover out of lips;
+ it doesn’t feels sticky;
+ beautiful lacquer finish;
~ no taste, candy smell, lasts a while depending on the food you eat (as soon as you start eating the lacquer effect will start fade away, but there’ll be still some gloss there);
I don’t really like the sponge. It’s turning on 360 degrees, this had to make application better, but it didn’t (this is my personal feeling). I need to use another brush or just the tip of the native brush to apply gloss precisely.

#002 Fresh Expert is pale pink color with micro-shimmer that you actually don’t see unless you start swatch it on your hand and look closely or zoom you photos. This color is very sheer so it doesn’t cover the natural color of you lips. I like this effect, because otherwise I will look like zombie using pale glosses with full coverage. Sheer color also is good for using this gloss over regular lipsticks to give them this lacquer finish.

Just lip polish, no other makeup.

Availability: at Dior counters.
Price: 30$ for 5.5 ml.
Limited Edition? No.

Final Thoughts: I like this lip polish most of all pale polishes I ever had. the main reasons are: it look really smooth on my lips and its lacquer finish works perfect both alone and on lipsticks.

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