byTerry Rouge Terrybly #204, #303, #304: Swatches & Review

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I usually wear red lips. Let’s say red is my comfort zone wich I rarely leave unless I’d like to make bright eyes. But recently I had a mood to try some new shades with the help of byTerry Rouge Terrybly lipstick. Whould you like to see teh result?

Rouge Terrybly Age Defense Lipstick — is an anti-aging lipstick that promises to take care of your lips, smooth their surface and make them look fuller. I can’t really comment anti-aging effect, still there’re some positive things I need to mention:

+ rich, creamy formula that stil feels very light on lips;
+ nice application, good coverage (though this may vary depending on particular shade);
+ I can notice some lip care effect and richer shades look good even on drier lips (ok, you can see some peeling on macro, but you won’t see it from one-two steps, as people usually talk);
+ beautiful packaging (with magnit, it won’t be opened accidentally in your handbag);
it’s not very long-lasting: 3-6 hours and this really depends on certain shade;

You may notice that the coverage varies depending on particular color, #303 — is the most sheer. #303, #304 — are relatively new shades in range.

#204 Narcotic Sienna — is a reddish brown, rich and creamy. Depending on the lightning the shade can go more to brown or to its red part. I like it, it’s not only physically comfortable, but something inside says it’s ok to wear it, don’t worry.

#303 Torrid Rose — light pink, reminds me about te young girl’s bedroom and barbie, the lightest shade with not that bold coverage. I think it is the worst of these three shades — it doesn’t last long (3-4 hours longest) and it doesn’t looks good on dry lips. Even the overall application experience is ot that good as with the other two.

#304 Cherry Cherry — is a very bright and outstanding fuchsia. It’s creamy formula without any shimmer helps t not to look cheap. I think it looks good with may pale skin. But although I usually wear bright reds as a daily lipstick it is hard for me to get used to this color.

Availability: online at with delivery within Europe + offline locations can be found there. In US can be found at Barneys.
Price: 35 Eur (France)/48$ (US) for 3.5 gr

Final Thoughts: Those are really great lipsticks. They have light and creamy formula that reminds me lip balm, but not the rich. Lipsticks are very comfortable to wear, they apply smoothly. They may last about 3 — 6 hours, depending on particular shade and coverage. Perhaps they are not as light as lip products by Ellis Faas, but stil very worth of their pice (well, it bites, sorry). The packaging is beautiful and the lipsticks themselves are either.

Among three shades review in this post I’ve like reddish brown #204 Narcotic Sienna and bright fuchsia #304 Cherry Cherry. most of all. Although the last one is a little bit too bright for me. Need to get used to it.

*This review contains samples provided for consideration by beauty-store «Jean» (Ukraine).

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