29 Crush Grape Seed Age Protecting Cheek Blusher «Berries»: Swatches & Review

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I continue experimenting with new brands and pay a lot of attention to blushed this season. So the next review will be for the strangest blush I’ve ever had — 29 Crush Grape Seed Age Protecting Cheek Blusher.

This is a US brand with simple concept of care and attention to you. They utilize benefits of grape seeds both in skincare and make up. Some SPA’s are available, as well as home care. The makeup line is classic and simple, but looks beautiful both in packaging and in color.

Crush Grape Seed Age Protecting Cheek Blusher — pressed blush enriched with antioxidants, should protect your skin from bad environmental influence.

As I said this is the strangest blush ever. Why? Because it is very simple, but I struggle to describe it properly. The texture is definitely dry, but pressed so tight and I had strange wax-like feeling when I touch the blush with my fingers. During the first few application it’s hard to get the color, but it becomes easier afterwards. This blush is easy to apply and to blend, it lasts almost the whole day on my cheeks.

The other strange thing is its finish. you don’t see any shimmer when you open the box. Still there’s some shimmer in it, very soft and delicate. Looks like mixture of silver shimmer and mica and gives beautiful, kind of milky glow. It is light reflecting and it can hide some of the color and work as kind of a highlighter. You see? I can’t find easy and exact words to explain and that’s worries me a lot.

Anti-age effect? Haven’t notice any, but how could I notice it on my cheeks only? Let’s consider it does something. Packaging looks beautiful with luxury sense, but I’d rather throw away compact brush, it’s useless even for travel.


Berries — is a very light coral, nice and refreshing. I would say it’s a warm shade, but due to this strange finish it looks rather cold. At least on myself. This reflecting finish is usually visible at bright light (sun or electric). Otherwise the blush brings satin and delicate finish with almost no shimmer.

Daylight, no sun.


I experienced great difficulties to show anything on the photo. This light reflecting effect hides all the color. Still managed to get some fresh look.

Availability? Neiman Marcus (can’t find usable store locator on brand’s site, still there’s some SPA in Atlanta)
Price: 36$ for 5gr/0.18 oz.
Limited Edition? No.

Final Thoughts: the most strange blush ever. I can’t say I didn’t like it, I did. But I had great difficulties to describe both texture and finish. So it’s a pressed blush, very intensively pressed and the texture is strange in terms of being very dense and wax-like, though it’s still dry blush anyway. This is very wearable blush, but you will struggle to get color out of the box during the first few application. It has beautiful finish that is also hard to describe — silver shimmer + light mica effect gives kind of milky glow. Sounds strange? And it is strange still looks beautiful. I’m confused as I can’t describe the product easily and thus can’t recommend purchasing it online without any real experience with it. But I can say — go to the store and try it.

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