Edward Bess Compact Rouge for Lips and Cheeks — #02 Love Affair: Swatches & Review

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I’m usually very excited to try new brands, so as soon as I’ve noticed this new name I’ve looked through some liks and purchased this multi-use product Edward Bess Compact Rouge for Lips and Cheeks. Edward Bess is a young and talented person who decided to study as an actor in New Your at the age of 15, then went to London to be a model when he was 18. Finally he launched his first collection of lipsticks in classic colors at 20. Other make up products were to follow and now you can find more and more reviews on the web. His products arose great curiosity in myself and very strong emotions when I’ve finally received my purchase.

Compact Rouge for Lips and Cheeks — this is 2-in-1 product both for lips and cheeks. What can I say? It’s rare occasion when I’m completely disappointed by the product:

+ quite a long-lasting product (~9 hours on cheeks, 7-8 on the lips);
+ well pigmented, more waxy the creamy to the touch (I’m not sure if this is good or bad, rather neutral quality);
it’s hard to apply the product both on lips and cheeks, it’s not easy to blend it;
it makes your lips to look dry if they are fine, in a while it really makes them very, very dry;
it attracts attention to all imperfections of your skin — peeling, just a bit of dry areas, skin texture, pores, everything;
it looks odd, unnatural and it’s hard to work with the color;


#02 Love Affair — looks like barby-pink, cool shade, more tender and wearable in the daylight and when you swatch it on your arm. But once you apply it on your face it is too bright, too girlish. I managed to blend it so that it looked tender, but it took me ages to achieve wearable result.

The photo below doesn’t show any make up, just Compact Rouge Applied on both lips and cheeks. My camera took away some brightness and color, in reall life it’s like «Have anyone ordered a klown?»

Availability: online at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Zuneta or see official website (selected offline stores can be found at edwardbess.com)
Price: 38$ for 1.5 gr.
Limited Edition? No.

Final Thoughts: to say the truth this product is one of the worst I’ve tried recently. And it is the worst cream blush I’ve ever tried, I can’t consider it to be a good lipstick either. It has very bad application both on lips and cheeks. It can look nice on really perfect lips, but once you wear it, your lips won’t be perfect. This product will just dry them. When I wear it as a blush, it showed problems with application and blending, it also highlight all your imperfections, e.g. dried areas of the skin or skin texture. I don’t usually comment the price tag, but for 38$/1.5 gr this product must be better, much better.

Though I’ve read some positive reviews on other product of this brand, I’m very disappointed with mine. May be I’ll try something else, but it’ll take time till I’ll calm down.

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