Dior Rouge Les Rouges Or #961 Nocturne (Holiday 2011): Swatches & Review

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I’ve recently done an overview of Dior and Guerlain Holiday 2011. Now it’s time to review one of the holiday lipsticks — Dior Rouge Les Rouges Or #961 Nocturne. An interesting, but complicated shade (as for me).

Dior Rouge — is classic Dior lipstick, but in limited edition shade. It has good coverage and color payoff. It applies nicely, but doesn’t look good on dry lips. It lasts up to 5-6 hours on my lips (provided no foods, but can survive drinks). This lipstick has no taste, but classic «lipstick»-like smell, like one I can remember from my mother and grandmother. The packaging is beautiful in classic Dior style.

#961 Nocturne — is not very simple shade. When you look at the lipstick itself, it looks like brick red with golden shimmer, but during the day it’s rosewood with delicate golden glow. In the evening it does start to look like brick red with some brown and rose undertones. In some reviews I read it’s advised to pair it with Dior «Apparat» Nail Vernis. They look alike (you can find a review at Beauty Insider), but it is not the same. Lipstick is tenderer if you can ever use this word for such a shade. I liked it more than nail polish.

Day light.

Electric light.

I have some doubts whether it’s my shade, I feel I look older with it. Not old, just as an adult.

Availability: at Dior counters.
Price: 32$ for 0.12 oz.
Limited Edition? Yes.

Final Thoughts: I liked the overall quality of the lipstick, especially that has good coverage and lasts quite long (if you don’t start to eat too much). I’m sure about the behavior of lipsticks from main collection, but this one tends to gather around drier parts of the lips, shimmer is certainly visible there.

#961 Nocturne is deep «evening» shade. Looks like rosewood with light shimmer in the daylight, but in the evening light is more brick red with more visible golden shimmer and rose undertones. I believe this color is for evening, for warmer skin tones and possibly more for adult women, than for younger girls.

*Item reviewed in this post was sent for consideration by my PR-contact in Dior.

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