Sneak Peek: ELLIS FAAS Holder and New Makeup Products

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Today I want to show a little sneak peek from my recently received products by ELLIS FAAS. Thanks to her lip products that I’ve already tried and reviewed my attitude to this brand was highly positive, though it also raised my expectations from other products. So, please, take a look what I’m going to try, wear and review in the nearest future.

This strange thing with airspace design is ELLIS FAAS Holder for makeup products. You can insert foundation in center (it is bigger than other products), compact powder goes inside the cap. Smaller products can be inserted around pen with foundation. Those holes are for lip products, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, blush or concealer. There’s interesting limited edition holder with red tribal print, you can find it on ELLIS FAAS website. I haven’t actually purchased this holder, just take a look when there was a chance. I’ve played with it a little and now I’m thinking of purchasing one in classic design.

Additionally to lip products and mascara that I’ve initially purchased, I’ve got foundation, pressed powder, blush and three shades of eyeshadows (two kinds – creamy and milky). I’ve already tried all products at least ones and I can say it was very bright experience, though overall impressions from the products are contaversional. I will not describe everything now, but I’ll make detailed review on all products (and products of course). Now I’m playing, trying, wearing and comparing them to other products, so, please, wait a little. As for the shades, I’ve got:

Skin Veil Pen S102 — liquid foundation.
Powder S401 — compact pressed powder.
Blush S301 — liquid blush.
Creamy Eyes E105, E108 — creamy eyeshadows.
Milky Eyes E206 — creamy eyeshadows, difference with above is in texture and finish.

I hope, you’ve enjoined this little sneak peek. Please, sorry for fingerprints on the products, it’s just impossible to clear them on the go, but I’ll do this for reviews.

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