Dior 5-Colour Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette — #508 Nude Pink Design: Swatches & Review

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It’s a hard post for me today because I’m going to tell you aout Dior 5-Colour Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette. Why it is so hard? Because it’s o famous palettes and I really have my first one. I started to use some makeup on regular basis about 6 years and I blog in some way about beauty for several years. Still I haven’t tried this product. Ok, I see in our our local beauty communities, that if you start looking for luxury products, you come to Dior palettes early enough. However, I couldn’t pick the right color for a long time. I’m also worried that I got warm-color palette, I don’t use that much warm color on my eyes. Experimenting was fun and you can read more about the results in this post.

Dior 5-Colour Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette — these palettes were released in summer 2009, so they are not really new. They differ from old Dior 5-Color palettes cause these have colors in different finish (base shade, main color, contouring color, highlighter + matte creamy eyeliner).

The packing looks beautiful and classic, most of the shades are wearable, easy to apply. Compact sponges and liner brush are included into the palette. These shadows last about 6 hours on my eyes without eyeshadow primer (I have a bit oily eyelids, so this is usual story for my). I use primer by Urban Decay that makes them stay for all day long.

#508 Nude Pink Design — is a warm nude palette. I don’t get why it is called «Nude Pink,» cause I feel it is more nude than pink. I can notice some pinks in base shade and highlighter shade, maybe certain pink reflection in specific light in main colors, but more of gold and brown. Liner is red-based, but not pink.

1. base — light and looks cooler than the others, semi-cream texture, semi-frost finish, creamy color with some pink shimmer in it. It is not the same semi-cream as in trios from Shiseido. Dior base shade feels drier and not as pigmented as one from Shiseido. There’s a recommendation to use it as a base shade, but I actually need targeted base, like one from Urban Decay/ So I prefer to use this shade as highlighter.

2. color — warm goldish and iridescent shade. It is highly pigmented, but easy to apply, very blendable and soft in its texture (in positive sense).

3. contouring — warm brown shade, a bit of taupe, a bit of bronze, soft satin finish, well pigmented, thought not as much as previous shade. I like it a lot too and use it to define outer eye corner as well as a mono-shade.

4. highlighter — this one I didn’t like at all. It’s a kind of white-pink-cream highlighter with mica-like finish, it’s poorly pigmented, gives too much shine as for me. I would say that this is just a matter of personal preferences, but I do sometimes feel some parts of this shade falls into my eye. I guess you will not like this feeling.

5. liner — creamy, red-based brown eyeliner. I don’t use eyeliners that much because I wear contacts and feel irritation very often, no matter which product I use as an eyeliner. However this was good and inspired me to experiment, so I plan to use it in future. Still I won’t used for inner eye part because of possible irritation.

I was really really worried that these colors won’t suit me. Still I believe I’ve managed to get kind of wearable look for me. In real life I will rather use coller or neutral shadows.

Availability: at Dior counters.
Price: 59$ for 0.15 oz.
Limited Edition? No

Final Thoughts: I had great time experimenting with this palette and this was also very useful time for me. Well, this palette has good quality, classic design, several textures inside, it’s multi-functional — good for both day and evening makeup. I didn’t like those two shiny colors (highlighter and base), but it really depends on your personal preferences. Palette #508 is beautiful autumn color combination, unfortunately too warm for me. Though I managed to get a wearable look, I’d prefer to try some cooler shades.

*Item reviewed in this post was sent for consideration by my PR-contact in Dior.

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