M.A.C. Pro Longwear Lipglass — Driven by Love: Swatches & Review

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I’m glad to introduce another red lip gloss in my collection — M.A.C. Pro Longwear Lipglass in Driven by Love from StyleDriven collection of this autumn.

+ highly pigmented, with beautiful fine shimmer, glassy finish;
+ feels smoothly on your lips, doesn’t dry them;
+ long-lasting: 6 hours easily, even if you drink coffee or have light lunch, although the latest will take away some glass effect from your lips leaving the color in place;
? no taste, light sweet scent;
? is applied with thick layer which you actually feel a bit on your lips;
sponge: I didn’t like it, it is has some creative form that promises to help with precise application, but in fact it does not, mainly because the head is moving around you you don’t control it well.

Driven by Love is a rich blue-based red color with pearlized microshimmer. I do usually use reds in my daily makeup, but because of this shimmer lip gloss really looks like event-shade, not for office. I have few similar reds in lip glosses: M.A.C. Wicked Ways, Armani #400, Kat von D Hellbent. However, M.A.C. Wicked Ways is more pink, Armani #400 is no so blue-based, Kat von D Hellbent has similar color base, but it is thicker, doest have shimmer and more lacquer in finish.

Availability: MAC corners, please look at store locator.
Price: 18.5$ for 0.06 oz.
Limited edition? No.

Final Thoughts: it’s a very goog lipgloss — rich, shiny, reflecting, long-lasting. I didn’t really like the sponge, cause it make precise coverage a bit tricky, so I use separate lip brush for conturing. Still I loved this gloss and I plan to purchase something from lighter shades.

*Item reviewed in this post was sent for consideration by my PR-contact in MAC.

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