Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush Peony #04: Swatches & Review

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Now I think blushes are one of my favorite products (after lipsticks of course). I have a small collection of them and I decided to try Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush. I have no doubts now that it was a good choice.

Natural Glow is a lightweight blush that gives the skin a bright fresh glow. Silicons help to apply it smoothly, rose extract promises hydration and care.

I wasn’t able to check hydration part, but I can say that the rest is true. This is a very light blush, with natural color range, it is soft and powdery. It applies nicely and blends easily, but because if is crumbly you can take to much color at once. So my advice is to take a light touch of the brush to the product. This gives you just enough color. Natural Glow blush lasted on me at least 6-7 hours, which is actually good for me.

The packaging is gorgeous as always, with that Burberry-style box and the same print on the blush itself. Unfortunately you’ll see all your fingerprints on the boxes after the lightest touch.


Peony #04 is a very light pink color, cold pale-pink I’d say. I think «peony» is a good word for this shade. It gives you glow and silky finish with no shimmer in it. Luckily the blush wasn’t flat matte color that I try to skip. Giorgio Armani Transluminence Face Palette Spring 2011 is definitely a dupe for this shade. It is a bit more matte and dry if you compare it on the cheeks, but still these shades are pretty much the same. I’d say Burberry is better quality.

Availability: see store locator.
Price: 42$ for 7 gr.
Limited Edition? No.
Any Dupes? Giorgio Armani Transluminence Face Palette Spring 2011.

Final Thoughts: this is a nice-to-have blush of good quality and natural color range. The blush applies nicely, lasts good 6-7 hours, has silk finish with no shimmer. You should check for Peony #04 shade if you missed the blush from Giorgio Armani spring collection this year (2011). As I say I consider Burberry is better quality and a little bit cheaper (Armani is 43$ for 6 gr).

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