Give Yourself a Treat: Shu Uemura Deep Sea Water Rose Mist

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After few weeks of writing reviews for budget products I decided to try another week or two dedicated to single topic. As it is very hard for me to do so, I decided that while I usually write about two reviews per day, I’ll write one on certain topic and another as I would like to. I’ve asked my readers on Facebook, what they would like to read about. I suggested several topics and the winners is — products that are pleasant treat, rather than essential ones.

These are usually body care products, bath & shower, light scents, etc. All have price tag above average, but you just can’t refuse because the are a perfect treat. I’ll start with facial mist — Shu Uemura Deep Sea Water Rose Mist.

Shu Uemura Facial Mists are formulated with deep sea water rom the depth of the ocean where sunlight does not reach, at 200 meters. They are free of artificial color, natural aromatic extracts are then added to become lightly scented mists that rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, hair and body. You can choose from 8 scents — fragrance free, bergamot, chamomile, mint, lavender, hamamelis, rose and rosemary. I’ve chosen rose scented mist.

This is a nice mist, refreshing and lightly scented. I used it as a facial toner, as body spray during the hot summer days and as makeup setting spray. I mostly liked it as a body spray and as makeup setting spray, because as toner I prefer products like Clinique lotions. Shu Uemura mist gives your skin a glow. It’s effect will be temporary if you use it on tired skin, but it’ll be more lasting if you use it daily for few weeks. As a setting spray it’s not as perfect as professional sprays. But it is softer and you skin never feel dry (I used to have such concern when I used termal water for makeup setting).

Ingredients: Sea Water, Methylparaben, Linalool, Parfum/Fragrance.

Availability: check official store locator
Price: 25$ per 150 ml.

Final Thoughts: Nice spray — refreshing, gently scented. Perfect for usage as body mist, to scent your hair, to set your make up. Gives your skin light glow when used regularly. But I wouldn’t consider buying it if you really need some serious treatment like special serums or facials.

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