ELLIS FAAS Milky Lips #L201: Swatches & Review

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Today I’ll show the last lip texture by ELLIS FAASELLIS FAAS Milky Lips. I prefer to call it a lipstick, though the texture is liquid. This one promise to give fluid and translucent color and you can apply it either with a thin layer on full lips or just in the middle of your lips and then finish with your fingers.

I was a bit confused in the beginning, possibly because of the color. When I buy red, I’d like it to be with a full coverage, to have color statement. I tried to apply Milky Lips both to achieve good coverage and with finger tips for translucent effect. Both ways give you color (different amount of course), lipstick feels soft and silky (even you don’t really feel it, when you don’t think about it), it doesn’t dry your lips and it stays in place for a while.

Finish is very strange, I can’t describe it with one word and I don’t really get what does «Milky» means. It is not matte, not creamy, no shimmer in it, it’s not glassy. Just a little wet, so that effect is not flat as it can be with matte lipsticks.

The problem for me is that I can’t get precise lip definition with the brush that comes with Milky Lips and it is tricky to get an even layer when you want to add more color.

#L201 — is a warm red, a bit of carmine. It is somehow alike to semi-matte lipstick NARS Fire Down Below, but finish is different of course.

I’ve tried to show few ways to apply it.

Availability: Sephora (US) or shop ELLISFAAS.com
Price: 35$ per 2.8 ml.

Final Thoughts: this is a good lip product, though it raised the most contradictory feeling above three ELLIS FAAS lip textures. It gives you color which you can vary, it has interesting finish. I don’t really get what is «Milky», possibly this not creamy, not matte, not glassy texture with no shimmer, still not flat. It looks good and feels good, but you may experience certain difficulties with precise application.

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