Cle de Peau Eye Color Quad #203: Swatches & Review

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Cle de Peau Eye Color Quad is one of the makeup products that have change my mind on how eyeshadows should be. I’ve spent weeks on wearing it, trying different combinations, taking pictures and I wasn’t satisfied with the result, because no picture can be as beautiful as this eye quad is. At least not my picture 😉

These eyeshadows are pressed, dry, but somehow creamy, like Shiseido eyeshadow trios by Dick Page. The shadows from this quad is very thin, yet with good coverage, long lasting both with or without eyeshadow primer. I usually use a touch of loose powder or foundation as a primer or NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. I don’t use my favorite Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion because application become strangely hard with it. So the colors stay on my lids all the day long, up to 17 hours on powder or foundation, more than 24 hours on eyeshadow primer without loosing look or brightness. This half-creamy texture won’t work good with just any eyeshadow brush, I’d recommend sponge or something tight, then you can finish your look with eyeshadow blender brush (I use one by MAC).

Color quad is sold as a separate refill and you need to buy a case for it which can be expensive for the first time. The case is beautiful and well-packed, it contains a small brush and a sponge that are both actually good and application is easy when you use them. Colors have Cle de Peau logo that goes off with you first try. I’ve spent few days looking at it because everything was so beautiful, that I could touch it 🙂

These eyeshadows are very alike to Shiseido eyeshadow trios by Dick Page, they appeared almost in the same time and brands are owned by the same company. You’ll easily trace the idea behind them. Still being pressed powder, they have similar semi-creamy texture and soft finish like in precious pearls. Shiseido however has thicker coverage, goes more to creamy and color palette is very bright, some combinations are color-statements. While Cle de Peau is light, delicate, but still colorful. It’s like you already don’t need to proof anything, you just enhance your looks.


Color Quad #203 — 4 great shades that looks like pearls, but not cheap pearly finish, as real and expensive pearl jewels. Coral with a hint of pink, pearl grey and cream and the last one, very strange color. It is light silver with mica finish, but without hard particles, very nice. I like to use it above major colors.

First I though this palette would be like Shiseido Trio «Pink Sands» (limited edition, summer 2011). Colors on the website were misleading. In reality it is very close to Shiseido Trio «Fire». But while «Fire» is bold, with bright, but dusty color, Cle de Peau are clear and delicate. Still color range is pretty much the same. To say the truth I like eye quad much more.

The only real disappointment I’ve had with this eye quad was when I swatched it on my arm. I was upset by the colors, they seemed average and bad for taking pictures. Luckily I was wrong.

There’ll be no photo too good to show how beautiful these colors are. I’ve tried again and again and had to stop. Otherwise I’d sent ages to get a single satisfying shot. I think these below will show both color and texture good enough.

Availability: Nordstrom, NeimanMarcus or look for stores at Cle de Peau site.
Price: 55$ for eye color refill (5 gr), 25$ for makeup case.

Final Thoughts: this eye color quad is gorgeous! It has good quality — application, coverage, texture, finish. Colors are beautiful, you can create both day and evening makeup with colorful eyes without being too bright. You may have certain difficulties with texture if you’ve never tried similar before, but you’ll get used to it very soon and you’ll probably like it. You will definitely love it if you love eyeshadows trio by Shiseido. If you find Shiseido too thinck, bright or tricky, you should give Cle de Peau a chance, because it is more convenient and delicate.

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