ELLIS FAAS Creamy Lips #L103: Swatches & Review

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Today I’ll show you another lip product by ELLIS FAAS. This will be ELLIS FAAS Creamy Lips — one of the greatest lipsticks I’ve ever had.

This lipstick is really great — applies nicely, feels good (again, you don’t feel it on your lips), lasts for a while even if you drink, kiss or eat. Of course, it is not like lip stain so it leaves color on your cup also, but more on your lips and it goes off gently. I’m not sure if the formula is moisturizing or nourishing, wouldn’t say so. But definitely it will not dry your lips.

The most amazing thing about this lipstick is color pay off and finish. Finish is creamy and a bit wet, you may think — nothing special. But if you compare this one with lipsticks from other brands, you’ll see that alongside with full coverage, great color pay off and beautiful creamy finish you don’t feel it on your lips at all. It is so lightweight, while generally creamy lipsticks are very rich and even sometimes buttery. Wearing these Creamy Lips is like wearing high heels all the day long but the feeling is it was sneakers.

I don’t think the packaging is perfect, because I need to get used to it. But it’s memorable and it really depends on you — to like it or dislike. This lipstick is only one that comes not with a brush, but with a sponge. It helps to apply lipstick easily but you’ll need an extra minute for perfect contouring.

#L103 — is a classic red. Nothing special about the color itself, but if you remember those things I’ve mentioned about its fantastic finish, you should choose this one. Especially, if you have had or tried something from other brands below.

Availability: Sephora (US) or shop ELLISFAAS.com
Price: 35$ per 2.8 ml.

Final Thoughts: This lipstick is just perfect. You’ll definitely like it if you need creamy finish with good color coverage. Even if you didn’t like thick lipsticks before, you should try because Creamy Lips give you that great color, creamy finish, but it is so lightweight, you will not feel this lipstick on your lips at all.

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  1. Liz:

    Gorgeous! You and the lippy! I just ordered mine plus six other items!!! Thank you!

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