Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit «Cool Sand»: Swatches & Review

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I’d like to share with you my favorite concealer that comes in Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit. I don’t know why I haven’t done this before, because I use it for several years. I’ve made a break this year and experimented with other brands, but I came back to Bobbi Brown. It was changed a little, however the quality is still the same.

I like this concealer because it gives good coverage, applies easily, stays fixed during the day and improves tired looks greatly. I know that some people have concerns about it (that it looks unnatural and gathers around your eyes and in fine lines). I would recommend few things to remember when you use this concealer (or any similar of other brand):

1. It has good coverage and would recommend it if you do really have dark circles. Otherwise it’s better to choose something lighter, even highlighting (e.g. like YSL Touch Eclat or Rouge Bunny Rouge Luminous Skin Wand).
2. Prepare your skin. You should use moisturizer under your eyes, if you want your concealer to look nice. It is the same thing as with face foundation. You won’t get seamless coverage if your skin is too dry.
3. Do bother to select your shade in person. There’re so many of them, so it’s better to try several shades to find your perfect match.
4. It may sound strange, but don’t do the same as Bobbi Brown herself on her videos. She applies too much concealer, you will likely need less. But if you take too much, it will gather around your eyes very soon. Play with it and you’ll find exact amount you need.

These all might be the things you already know, but it happens that many people don’t. So I decided to add my tips to this post in case you haven’t used concealers before.


Cool Sand — is a set of very light creamy concealer with some pink undertones and yellow pressed powder. This shade is go for my rather pale face 10 months of 12 (I have a little tan in summer so I need another shade for a while). Pressed powder is yellow in all kits except of «Porcelain» (it’s white there). It should be used to set the concealer in place, but I often skip this step and use it alone on my upper lids.

Availability: at your local Bobbi Brown counter.
Price: 32$ for concealer kit, 22$ for single concealer.

Final Thoughts: it’s a great concealer that cover dark circles or other imperfections on you face. It is easy to apply and it stays where it should be during the day (you can use additional powder to fix it). Though I would recommend to go for lighter concealers (or highlighters) if your dark circles are not really dark ones. I like more this new edition of creamy concealer kit than the old one, because the box is thin and you don’t get loose powder around.

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