ELLIS FAAS Glazed Lips #L303: Swatches & Review

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It’s difficult for me to write this post because the product I want to share with you today is about perfect and needs perfect text, perfect swatches. It is Glazed Lips lip gloss by Dutch makeup brand ELLIS FAAS. You can read an excellent post about this brand by Yana from Beauty Insider. This post is dedicated to ELLIS FAAS upcoming launch in Russian this autumn and it was so inspiring that I’ve purchased few products immediately.

I felt nervous while I was waiting on my purchase because I was reading some reviews on the web and I was afraid that I bought some overpriced and greatly advertised staff. But once I received my lip gloss and tried, no doubts left — it is just a perfect product:

+ beautiful glazed finish;
+ feels very comfortable on the lips (it is not sticky, doesn’t smell, ha no taste, you actually don’t feel it at all);
+ it is a really long lasting product;
+ sheer color, but still distinguishable and with great coverage;
+ creative packaging;

Ok, someone may not like the packaging. It feels unusual and I needed some time to get used to it. I think it is bigger than is really needed for such a small amount of product (just 2.8 ml). It may not suite your makeup bag as it is 6 inch long. Almost all ELLIS FAAS products come with build-in brush. This brush is nice, but it won’t give you perfect lip definition as usual lip brush would do.

#L303 — is bloody and vamp color. I thought i would be dark cherry juice when I saw it on Sephora. Then I thought it would some kind of red and it does sometimes look like red on photos. Still it is more bloody, but yet it is sheer and looks natural.

And this is another amazing thin about ELLIS FAAS colors. Sephora says: «All shades are «human colors,» meaning they are inspired by the colors that by nature already exist in the human body, and therefore are suitable for all skintones.» I didn’t get it when I read, but as I saw this lip gloss in action, I can say this is true. You just need to try and to watch how this sheer, but intense color compliments your lips. When I use just a little lip gloss I see my natural lip color enhanced with vibrance and this beautiful glazed finish. As I add more lip gloss, lips became brighter and vampy. Still I don’t feel that I put too much of product.

Availability: Sephora (US) or shop ELLISFAAS.com
Price: 35$ per 2.8 ml.

Final Thoughts: it’s a great lip gloss. If you can try it, please, do so. It seems a bit overpriced when you think about the volume and this creative packaging may be something you won’t like as much as it is advertised. But the product itself and colors are great.

I will post more reviews on ELLIS FAAS products (lipsticks and mascara) in a while.

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  1. Fruity Lashes:

    It’s such a beautiful color on you! Super gorgeous!

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