Budget Shopping Weeks: Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil

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I started to like cleansing oils as makeup removers some time ago. Started from well-known Shu Uemura, which is quite expensive, so I decided to find cheaper alternative. One of them is Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil.

It promises to take all your make up off and it really does it! It’s great, I don’t have any makeup in my case that can’t be removed by it. I use it in to ways:

1. Apply it on dry(!) skin, massage a bit, put my hands into water to make them a little bit wet and massage my face again to make kind of foam from oil and this water. Them rinse everything off with warm water and use my regular cleanser.
2. Or I add wet soap on the top pf oil when it is on my skin, add some foam made from soap, rinse everything off and my regular cleanser again. This way with soap can be not good for the eyes, if you have sensitive.

Note that I always use some cleanser afterwards because this cleansing oil contains mineral oil which I don’t want to be left on my face. The only bad thing about this oil by Sephora — there’s something wrong with packaging. Once you’ve opened it you can get some oil out of the bottle when ou carry it in horizontal way even if the pump is closed.


Availability: european Sephora.
Price: 9.9 Eur per 190 ml.

Final Thoughts: everything is good apart from packaging. If you compare it with Shu Uemura or natural oils, I’would say Sephora works similar. I don’t use natural oils a lot because my skin can overreact. Shu Uemura doesn’t have any problems with packaging and overal feeling is better (but it’s something I can’t really explain and it costs a lot — 36$ per 150 ml in US). It also comes for different skin issues, but I’ve used several and can’t say I really see the difference.

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