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Earlier this year I’ve made some experiments about mass-market brands. Actually it wasn’t about just another holywar what is better — saving on mass-market or investing in expensive (but not always effective) brands. It was rather an attempt to find some low price, but performing products. It’s always good to know about such things even if you can afford yourself La Mer for breakfast daily 🙂

My last experiment wasn’t really successful. May because I wasn’t selective enough — I just went to my local drugstore and pick few things in my basket almost randomly (basing on my skin type and preference of course). Many things hat I’ve tried then I wouldn’t ever buy again, some I will if I have no choice, and there was some really good stuff actually. But I was so disappointed averagely that I even haven’t finished posting everything. This time I’ll make another try.

Starting from tomorrow and for the nearest few weeks I will be posting mostly (but not only) about budget products. I’ve selected some to cover everything — from feet to hair literally (make up, skin care, hair care etc.). I made some assumptions when I picked my products:

— mass-market or pharmacy brand (no luxuries, no middle range);
— less than 10$, occasionally 15$ price tag (it’s a little bit tricky with mass-market in my country. You can buy smth from Clinique make up in US, but it’s not so in Kiev. And I do understand that shower gel for 15$ is not a budget saver);
— nothing from street sellers (I don’t know if it’s practiced in our country, but here we can buy lots of stuff in the streets you wouldn’t want to try on yourself);

I am a little bit confused about the price however. It’s not equal across the world, as I’ve mentioned. E.g. Inglot is a really cheap brand in Poland, but in US it isn’t so. Even if it is still worth trying you’ll notice the difference. On the other hand UNE (make up brand with very natural shades) is quite regular drugstore brand in France, but almost luxury priced in Poland. Maybelline in my country and in US are not the same in price either, though the difference isn’t s dramatic and it’s still a usual drugstore. Even within mass-market L’Oreal and Seventeen are completely two different stories. I hope I’ve made a good choice and you’ll find very positive reviews as well as «will never buy it again» ones.

Just a reminder — this experiment is not about what is better — cheap or expensive, but about looking for good things with low price tag.

So tell me what are your budget savers?

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