M.A.C. Powder Blush — Fleur Power: Swatches & Review

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I’m a bit sentimantal about MAC blush because it was one of the first products I’ve tried several years ago when I was in MAC corner in US for the first time. I had bought some shade that look very extreme for me, but later I realized that it was just apricot something, quite neutral and refreshing. Later on I’d experimented with many other blushes, but today I’m a little bit nostalgic and glad to show MAC Powder Blush — Fleur Power.

After I’ve got some experience with manu other brands I’m not so enthusiastic about MAC blushes, still it’s quite a good product:

+ good coverage and color pay off;
+ easy to apply;
+ long lasting;
a little bit chalky in its finish (it says «satin» finish, but if you put too much on the brush it’ll be chalky);
doesn’t look as natural, as I’d like my blush would be;

Fleur Power — pink coral with satin finish. More coral in the box and on my arm, but on my face it’s more pink than coral, even pink with some clear redness. I didn’t like the color at first — it’s tricky and it can show all the redness you can have in face. I’ve tried it again and again and then found it can look better and in a very refreshing way for the face if you take just a little and make sure you have a very clean skin. It will put all attention to your cheeks, still it’s a nice look if you dont have to much make up on your eyes and lips. No bronzer, please.

I use some green face primers (like Sephora, MUFE, Smashbox) or my yellow Clinique Redness Solutions pressed powder to neutralize any possible redness when I wear this blush.


As I’ve said, coral on my arm and kind of pink on my face. It’s not so bright because of camre reduces the brightness, but you really need to be careful with this color.

MAC Powder Blush «Fleur Power».

Availability: MAC corners, please look at store locator.
Price: 19.5$ for 6 gr.
Limited edition? No.

Summary: nice-to-have blush, but not really the best I have. Long lasting, good color pay off, but a little chalky and unnatural. Many different shades which is good, more room for experiments than usually in luxury brands. Fleur Power is a coral pink that can either make you look very fresh, or red and unhealthy. This depends on the amount of blush you take and your natural skin tone (if you have visible redness, don’t go for this shade).

Do you like MAC blushes?

*Item reviewed in this post was sent for consideration by my PR-contact in MAC.

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