Kat von D Painted Love Lip Gloss «Hellbent»: Swatches & Review

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The perfect red lip screams confidence (c) Kat von D

This brand is very noticeable for its creator — charismatic Kat von D — young and talented tattoo painter. She impelmented the colors and ideas she uses for tattoo in her make up line, which isn’t wide in range, still very interesting. You’ll have lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners etc. Colors are dark and vampish as well as some neautrals.

+ rich, creamy texture;
+ applies easily;
+ full coverage;
+ berry scented, no taste;
lasts for a while but goes away while you’re drinking tea or having your lunch;

Hellbent — is a true blood red, rather blue-based with lacquer-like finish. Very red, very Vamp. You can apply it lightly to get some pink shade wearable in the office, but I prefer red in full coverage.


The packaging is very beautiful. Looks like Kat transferred some of her tattoos on it.

Some swatches on my arm:

And on my lips:

Availability: Sephora exclusively.
Price: 18$ for 8 ml.
Limited Edition? No, but this color is already out of stock.

Summary: I love the color and the lip gloss. It’s vampy, full coverage, quite a long lasting color. Beautiful package and smells good. I wished this brand would be available in my country or at least out of the US.

It looks like Sephora is selling out all Kat von D glosses and Hellbent is no longer available. Still there’re few shades left in the same line so you can pick up a nice gloss for yourself at a very low price.

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