American Apparel Nail Polish Downtown LA: Swatches & Review

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American Apparel is purely something-to-wear-brand for me, at least so it was before. It’s not sold in my country so I was’t ever in their stores and haven’t seen their nail polishes. Meanwhile we have some very nice community in live journal where I’ve seen many nice swatches of AA nail polishes. So I’ve decided to try few shades when I was in US on vacation.

It took a while after vacation until I’ve finally managed to write a review and take some pictures of this nail polishes. They are better than I expected based on their strange appearance with layers in the bottle. 36 shades in main rage plus some neon colors which personally I don’t like at all. All shades are basic creamy colors, no shimmer, go glitter, no jelly, very classic.

+ applies nicely: convenient brush, one coat enough for full coverage (though I prefere 2 thin layers);
+ dries fast;
+ nice glossy finish;
+ fairly lasting (2+ days depending on top/base coat I use);
layers: you see them after a while in the bottle. You can even see them in the shop before you bought on of them. I don’t think it’s good. Although the quality of the nails polish remains nice and the same for a long time, that is not what you think of when you see those layers.

Downtown LA — pure red cream. When I hear «red», I think exactly about such color. It is so vibrant and there’re almost no such bright colors in main range (apart from neons) that I couldn’t have missed it.


Availability: check at American Apparel.
Price: 6$ for 15 ml.
Limited Edition? No.

Summary: good and relatively cheap nail polishes, I think all nail-obsessed girls should have at least one to try. I don’t like that layers in the bottle that you can see after time or already in the shop. They are unavailable in my country which also keeps me from buying another one.

Do you like these nail polishes?

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