Inglot O2 #653 Breathable Nail Enamel

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I like most of Inglot Nail Enamel and keep buying new colors, so today I’ll show one from Inglot O2 #653 Breathable Nail Enamel range.

+ nice brush, easy to apply;
+ quite long lasting: up to 3 days w/o any base/top coats on my nails;
+ dries fast;
2 coats minimum are needed for not to see any stripes and have smooth color (it is very sheer);
very liquid: don’t take too much polish on the brush;

Shade #653 — is a red color, very sheer, I’d say watery, may be jelly. Still it’s very bright and nice to wear after a long cold winter. You may see some orange undertones from time to time, but very light and insignificant for me.


Indoor light with flash.

Availability: check locations at Inglot Cosmetics
Price: 14$ for 11 ml.
Limited Edition? No.

Summary: I liked the color — sheer, jelly red. I also like the nail polish itself — it applies easily and dries fast, although you need 2 coats to fill all the gaps. If you get a chance to go to Poland, my advice is to buy there — price will be ~5$ cheaper than in us.

So how did you like this color?

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